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Back next week!

Sorry I’ve been MIA!  Did a blog post on my phone in Utila but it ate it up (not that I could get internet it seems anyway!).  Trying to figure out how to pick some photos and videos and get them posted!

The trip was awesome though - we saw it all, whale sharks, piolet whales, dolphins, rays, and seahorses!!!


Two Weeks

and we will be on our last summer vacation this year!  By now in two weeks I should’ve already gotten 3 dives under my belt.  I can’t wait!!  In getting ready for our trip I made these journals for the girls and I….  I did this when we went to Grand Cayman diving and I was the only one who journaled.  Hopefully since the girls are older now….

My favorite is the one Sadie claimed - the Bo Bunny one with the seahorse.  I only wished I had grabbed more paper!  And I cut the ribbon too short on the first one I made hence a knot instead of a bow for closure :oops:

Here’s what they look like individually


And here’s the inside of Sadie’s.  They each have a pocket on the left page!

There is a lot to do - this week Talia is at volleyball camp so that effectively takes up most of tomorrow.  I really need to make that list of things that must get done - I keep putting that off though!  Perhaps tonight :)


Sweet Summer

I can’t believe how fast summer is going.  We just realized that we had a baby birds in a tree in the back of the house.  They are adorable!  And then we had a nasty wind/rain storm which broke a couple of tree limbs and tore the nest out of the tree.  We replaced it, they seemed OK.  The nest was pretty beaten up though.  A few birds fell out of the nest.  We put them back in.  One kept falling.  We decided it wasn’t going to make it.  Talia brought it in for the night.  She buried it this morning.  Tough lesson!

We leave for vacation August 2.  I can’t believe how much I need to get done before then!  School shopping.  Organizing and packing the scuba stuff and clothes.  Finish making the journals for our trip.  While still trying to have fun with the girls.  Soccer practice starts next week.  Where, oh where, did the summer go??

I did finish scrapping with the July Apron Strings kit.  It was a fun summery kit!  So easy to use :)  And I finally re-took the photo of the layout from the June kit :oops:  I took the photo on a music stand and the black shadowed most of the layout.  But in order to get it posted I didn’t retake the photo.  Hence the lighter yellow strip on the left side of the layout.  Truly, they are the same!

And I know the July newsletter hasn’t yet come out (it’s due any day!), but I’m going to share one layout this week from the July kit.  Mainly because I hope next week to be able to show you all the journals I’ve made :)  Alexa got to walk out on the field with the Starting 11 at a Rapids game not too long ago…  I wasn’t in a great spot to photograph it so I took most of my pictures on the large field monitor…  she had a blast!  Sorry about the glare….

Hope you are enjoying the summer.  And crafting!


Fun (but busy) Week!

I so meant to post Monday.  But the day got away from me!  I had a really fun experience Friday night - met up with Lori (Apron Strings) and Archiver’s.  And we met up with Emily Pitts and Ronda Palazzari and a few other locals and scrapped!  I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would’ve liked (I never do) and am trying to finish up the projects I started so I can get them to Lori and posted but I also need to post something this week!  I have yet to re-take that last layout that somehow got missed from last month so I thought I’d share another layout I did for Bo Bunny’s DT call….

When I was packing up to go to Archiver’s this last weekend I realized I had bought the chipboard page of embellishments - but somehow I didn’t find them when I was actually scrapping!

I’ve been busy working on my July layouts - one finished, one needs new pictures printed (they had lines in them :( ) and one I have yet to start!  But I have it somewhat thought out in my mind.  We’ll see where that goes!  I also started making the journals for our upcoming dive trip to Utila.  They should go fairly quickly now that I’ve done one.  Just need to sit down and find that elusive time!

We’ve had a busy week here - Monday I took my middle daughter to her first overnight soccer camp.  I worried a lot about it but we saw her tonight and she’s having a blast.  Her fellow teammate, her roomie, isn’t having quite as much fun and I feel badly.  But only one more night!

My oldest is doing marching camp this week - every day this week 9 to noon.  Lots of running back and forth.  

If you haven’t checked out Apron Strings in a while, you really should!  The kits are SO reasonably priced and fun to work with!  And there’s a new website.  Check it out!


And Vacation is Over

Real life begins again.  It was a great week full of adventure in Red River!  We went on a 5-mile round trip hike to a lake, rode the chairlift to the top of the ski mountain for our annual family photo and took the girls on their first river rafting!  We didn’t do a lot of fishing this trip - in fact I caught the most fish!  Which was only about 6…

Got home late Saturday and did mostly laundry yesterday.  Still have laundry to catch up on and I should go get another load started.  Also went to Target for groceries and bought a lot of clearance items too!

Here’s another layout I did with the Apron Strings Bigger than a Breadbox kit using the American Crafts Mayberry line…  some old photos from a trip to the zoo with our cousins!

And apparently I never uploaded the last layout I did (I know I took a picture!) but it never made it to my computer or Lori for the newsletter.  Not sure how that happened but it’s on my list of things to do this week!

I also spent a great deal of time working on this Pinterest-inspired set of wall items for my oldest…

I know you can’t see it, but the top 1/3 of her room is painted purple - this Bo Bunny line was perfect for her room!

I actually started cleaning my scrap room last night.  I’ll be picking up my July Apron Strings kit from Lori tomorrow and I can’t wait to start playing with Little Yellow Bicycle Vintage Summer, Lily Bee Sweet Shoppe and Echo Park A Perfect Summer…